Totara Open Source LMS Guide

Based on the orginial Moodle platform Totara Learn has gone on to greatly enhance this LMS platform whilst retaining its core value and crucial advantage of being “open source”.

The importance of Open Source

We are all familiar with using software developed by commercial businesses, which is then controlled and update exclusively the supplier. Totara on the other hand is built on core software accessible to all. This means that others user are free to create improvements and additional features which they or the evolving market place desires. So Totara’s speed of change and developed is not anchored to the pace or plans of its original developers.


Security is increased by open source development because the whole user community can review, improve and police the code which keeps every site secure.


As business or organisations grow then their LMS needs to scale with them. Open source development ensures faster updates and coders on hand to create any facilities you may require.


Open source provides you access to the most innovative developers available. Not constrained by commercial opportunities coders are free to identify mass market needs or fulfil niche requirements.

Open Source Freedom


Being modular in design Totara can be as pared back to offer a no frills platform but equally scaled up to meet the demands of the most complex business need and aspiring HR department.


Third party developers are continually adding to the Totara catalogue of available plugins. So you’ll always have the widest choice of features without ever having to switch platforms.


With a leading product comes the flexibility to select the most suitable supplier with the right approach, expertise and maybe experience of your personal market sector. No more vendor lockin.