Totara – Open Source Flexibility

Totara Learn is a custom development of the popular Moodle LMS and has been specifically designed for the needs of the modern corporate environment. As one of the UK’s leading platforms it provides a power combination of features to facilitate online training across all business types and sizes. However, many of Totara’s greatest benefits come from its Open Source flexibility.

Open Source software is not a term widely understood but in essence it refers to something designers and developers can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. That does not mean that a Totara LMS is free but it does mean that supplier or third-party developers are free to change, enhance or add to the code to suite their own needs or that of their customers.  This proves everyone the maximum opportunity to drive the products development and to create specific functionality that the source creators have overlooked or did not recognise the commercial benefits.

Every year the number of third-party plugins increases, allowing Cortexa to customise your site to match the specific requirements of your organisation.

Inhouse we have the skills to create plugins just for you and as Totara partners we can also access the thriving global community of other developers who may already have exactly what is needed. As new needs arise, we can add new plugins to help you adapt to any change in circumstances or requirements.

To find out more about the benefits of Totara and its many plugins why not call us now on 0330 024 2881. Alternatively, if you are a little shy, use our website chat feature or complete our online form.

Original Article by Cortexa