Global leading open-source Learning Management System used by businesses, associations, non-profits, government agencies, and healthcare organisations.

Accessed by over 16 million learners worldwide the LMS of choice for more than 1,800 organisations.

Choose a learning platform that is open, flexible and better value

Totara Learn is an industry-leading and flexible learning management system (LMS) that gives organisations the freedom to learn. Deliver training and development anywhere, anytime. Improve engagement, ensure compliance, and achieve breakthrough results across your organisation and extended enterprise.

Upskill your workforce on your terms

Replace the limitations of the traditional LMS with Totara’s transformational learning platform trusted by millions worldwide.

Agile learning management to prepare your people for the new world of work.

Totara Learn is a learning management system (LMS) that empowers you to:


Learn your way, whenever and wherever you want.


Upskill your people with powerful blended and collaborative learning tools.


Transform your approach to enterprise learning, your way.

A learning suite with intuitive tools to create transformational learning solutions

Support multiple groups and organizations with multi-tenancy

Cater to multiple groups or customers from a single instance of your LMS, combining a streamlined admin experience with distinctly branded and isolated user environments.

Build comprehensive custom reports

Pinpoint the data that matters to you to increase compliance, track learner performance, and send automatic email notifications to relevant stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

Target learners outside your organization

Extended enterprise delivery allows you to target external groups, such as customers, partners, contingent workers or the general public to expand audiences and boost the reach of your training.

Deliver blended and collaborative learning on the go

Totara’s mobile app allows learners to stay on top of their current learning wherever they are for improved completion rates and more convenient training.

Beautifully branded learning

Custom theming, design and navigation gives learners a seamless, instantly recognizable user experience across your LMS.

Right people, right learning, right time

Course management gives you maximum flexibility over the course setup process, allowing you to target learners with relevant content, just in time.

Prove compliance and course completion

Assessments and certifications prove the timely completion of compliance training, and automatically remind learners to get certified.

Easy access to learning

Single sign-on supports easy access to learning with users’ Microsoft, Google or Facebook credentials, helping to boost login and engagement rates and lower barriers to learning.


A learning technologies customer is not a consumer. You are a creator, producer, problem-solver, innovator. Open innovation is empowering. Create the platform you want, rather than being forced to compromise. Adapt to changing circumstances and future-proof your investment. Be true to your mission.


Get rid of expensive software licensing and locked-down contracts. Save up to 80% of the total cost of ownership compared to other leading enterprise-class learning platforms. Maximise your budget and invest where it really counts – your learners.


With Totara it’s not ‘one-size-fitsall’; it’s ‘what solution suits you?’. With a global community of solution providers offers you a real choice of value-added expertise. Of course we think Cortexa is your best supplier of choice but you will always have the facility to switch. Migration is easy so you can seamlessly switch your provider without swapping your LMS.


Learning experience design (LX Design) starts with understanding your learners, their context, what they want to achieve, and putting them at the centre of the learning experience. Totara’s open, flexible framework enables you to create engaging learning experiences, deliver seamless on-brand environments, improve teamwork, manage regulatory compliance, and far beyond.

Prove compliance and course completion

Automatically assign learning to groups that is personalized by role, team, skills and more.


Engage your employees with in-person, eLearning and blended Learning

Support offline and online learning events and centrally curated blended learning.


Key stats

  • Deliver engaging, mobile-optimised content
  • Support blended learning programmes that include both formal and informal activities
  • Set up virtual (VILT) and face-to-face (ILT) learning sessions • Upload SCORM and AICC-compliant e-learning courses and multimedia assets
  • Add your own resources (links, documents, files)
  • Encourage social learning and collaboration (blog, wikis, forums)
  • Create gamified courses and learning activities
  • Build a customised learning catalogue
  •  Orient your users with personalised dashboards
  • Automatically assign new courses, competencies, and programmes to learners
  • Set personal learning objectives, priorities and deadlines
  • Build and track personalised learning plans and pathways to engage learners
  • Set and grade assesments and assignments
  • Create adaptative learning pathways
  • Automatically track activity and course completion
  • Award certificates and badges to motivate learners
  • Build competency frameworks
  • Assign competencies to specific groups with positional and organisation hierarchies
  • Customise the look and feel to match your branding
  • Allow learners to take learning anywhere, anytime with our fully responsive platform
  • Add your own menus and navigation items
  • Integrate seamlessly with HR and ERP systems
  • Assign and customise system roles and permissions for administrators, tutors, learners and managers
  • Engage learners around the world with 35 supported languages
  • Improve the learner experience with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Support an extended enterprise solution
  • Protect your users and their data with GDPR compliance
  • Ensure managers and learning administrators stay in the know about learners’ progress
  • Track completion of your essential compliance training
  • Gain detailed insights with custom built reports
  • Export reports and analytics
  • Provide managers with user-friendly dashboards
  • Schedule reports to be sent directly to your inbox


Today, more than ever, the achievement of your business objectives is dependent upon the knowledge, skills and experience of your workforce. Totara Learn is the leading open source learning management system (LMS) for the extended enterprise, changing the way people learn, connect and perform.

Totara the leading enterprise solution

Totara’s flexibility, comprehensive features and easy administration makes it the ideal LMS solution for all industries and across organisations of various sizes and locations. Totara provides brand customisation to fit every need and even allows individual users the ability to customise their interface and layout, guaranteeing the perfect experience for all.

  • Business services
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Education & Training
  • Nonprofit
  • Government
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Sport & Lifestyle
  • Technology & Media
  • And more!

Totara Engage provides the full LXP experience. Radically transforming the platform to provide unparalleled learner connectivity for collaborative knowledge sharing.

Totara Perform provides flexible support for traditional continuous performance management and appraisals. 360 Feedback, evidence capture combined with graphical reporting interface for seamless progress tracking.