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Create, Connect, Curate & Calloborate 

A truly holistic learn experince

Learning Experiences Powered by Real Intelligence

Totara Engage is an integrated learning experience platform (LXP) 

A highly engaged team environment is what makes the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow. Connect, collaborate, share knowledge and expertise with each other engage to be more productive. 

Learning management systems (LMS) deliver and manage skills development, communicate essential information and provide robust reporting, particularly to evidence regulatory compliance. The LXP, however, radically transforms the learner experience.

Transform your workforce by empowering your people

Playlists simplify the sharing and curation of all forms of content, from microlearning, articles, and blogs, to photos, podcasts and videos.

Peer-to-peer interaction complements formal learning programmes and processes to nurture a vibrant culture of innovation and engagement
throughout your organisation.

Learning in the flow of work gets more done, more efficiently and accurately. This raises productivity, performance and motivation levels.

Human intelligence and AI

As a high-performing organisation, you’ll want to use business intelligence and analytics capabilities to support employees and deliver ongoing business improvements. Totara Engage incorporates a powerful recommendations engine to identify users’ key interests, skills and information needs and uses this data to surface personalised content seamlessly within their day-to day work.

Flexible reporting captures meaningful data to share insights across your organisation.

Easy knowledge sharing workflows

empower people to create and curate resources from any device into playlists, breaking down silos and spreading expertise.

Powerful recommendations engine

identifies users’ key interests, skills and information needs and uses this data to surface personalised content seamlessly within their day-to-day workflows.

Collaborative workspaces

designed to facilitate discussions, file sharing and curated playlists spark conversations and bring people together

Engaging gamification

helps boost motivation by assigning rewards based on consumption and creation of high-quality content.

Productivity tools

such as calendars, events, notifications and more help organise workflows and facilitate team activities

In-depth analytics

allows easy recognition of talents, subject matter experts and thought leaders, as well as identification of the least-engaged groups and individuals.

All-in-one productivity suite

Totara Engage can be your standalone LXP, but it is frequently integrated with Totara Learn and Totara Perform – all on a single platform. An integrated LXP dramatically improves real time reporting visibility and analytics across a wider range of business processes. And by not having to buy, install and maintain multiple systems and build integrations between them, you save time and money.

Learning when and where you need it

Totara Engage provides a space to connect and easily share knowledge, news and fresh innovations. You can also access the power of Totara Engage through rich integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and other productivity tools.