Totara Demonstration

We provide tailored tours of the Totara LMS platform so that businesses can assess its suitability to their needs. Just use the form provided and we’ll show you anything and everything that you need.

Features to review

LMS Management & Reporting

  • Performance management
  • Competency frameworks
  • Organisational hierarchies
  • Flexible reporting
  • HR synchronisation SSO
  • LMS training online

Learner Experience

  • Custom dashboards
  • Development plans
  • Blended learning
  • Tailored roadmaps
  • Certificates & badges
  • Peer review and feedback
  • Gamifaction


  • Full site branding
  • Catalogue of plugin enhancements
  • Open Source development
  • Course standard compliant (SCORM etc.)
  • Extended enterprise delivery

Cortexa specialise in extending and enhancing the features of existing LMS platforms. As Open Source, Totara provides the fundamentals upon which we can craft the ideal solution to match your specific needs. 

Cortexa are one of the only UK Totara partners who can offer a true Extended Enterprise platform. Our solution provides businesses the ability to offer their Partners, Distributors, Suppliers and Users personalised access their Totara LMS. Each group entering, if required, via their own domain and experiencing their own branded and tailored content.

Totara Demonstration Request

Why Cortexa?

  • Totara Partner & 18 years eLearning experience
  • LMS Platform design, customisation and hosting
  • Comprehensive range of off-the-shelf courses
  • Bespoke course creation
  • Filming services
  • Animation
  • Integrity, Honesty & Agility