cortexa consulting


Embarking on an e-learning project, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, can be daunting. Which is why , amongst our services, a good consulting approach is seen as the foundation of any good project. We have a team of experienced and approachable project managers who will guide and advise you.

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Services content


We believe the success of any learning project is made in the content. Well-structured programmes can either establish a base of understanding or deliver problem solving at the point of use. A good e-learning partner will help you with both.

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cortexa learning management


Modern working life demands a speed of education like never before, with the right blend of learning and performance support. A good learning management system will be easy to use and deliver stimulating content in the most demanding situations – not every learner works in an office!

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Cortexa Mobile


It’s estimated that 66% of UK adults have a smartphone and a growing number have tablets. Mobile learning can compliment a learning strategy; providing a communications channel, learning summaries and direct performance support.

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