MS Excel 2016: Intermediate

MS Excel 2016: Intermediate
Duration: 17 Hours 30 Minutes
Knowledge Test: Test Exercises
Certificate of completion: No
Creator: Gopas

Description: In the course MS Excel 2016: Intermediate, the presented interactive lessons focus mainly on performing various calculations. You will broaden your basic knowledge by the application of logical and text functions. You will get acquainted with the principles of referencing to the values in other cells. You will learn to fill cells with series of data. You will familiarise yourself with the advanced options of sorting and filtering data or searching for specific values in extensive tables. You will also examine how to split longer text entries in tables into individual data placed into several columns.
List of Lessons
Customisation of the Quick Access Toolbar
Customising the Ribbon
Manipulation with sheets of multiple workbooks
Advanced paste options
Copying multiple items
Pasting external data into Excel
Advanced number formats
Custom number format
Worksheet protection
Advanced work with Excel tables
Using references in formulas
Comparing and connecting values using operators
Cell and range references
Conditional formatting rules
Conditional formatting based on a formula
Function library
Text functions
Advanced text functions
Math functions
Statistical functions
Date and time functions
Logical functions and conditional calculations
Nested functions
Errors in cells and their checking
Naming cell ranges
Data validation
Advanced fill series
Advanced sorting
Data filtering
Using slicers to filter data
Finding and replacing specific values
Removing duplicate data
Splitting text into columns
Flash Fill