Project:On Boarding

The Challenge

As part of the Grafton Group of Companies, Selco have been a customer of Cortexa for a number of years.  They are a rapidly growing business with an ambitious store opening programme in an industry that has traditionally had a high level of staff turnover. They wanted :

  • A high-quality company induction programme that reflected their values, style and aspirations
  • Procedural training in key areas to ensure safe working from Day One as well as regulatory compliance
  • Equally thorough role specific onboarding for new managers including elements of Security, Safety and Transport Fleet Management
  • A fully responsive product that could be delivered across any device.

The Solution

We met with the Learning and Development team to unpick their requirements and expectations through a series of workshops. Following our subsequent analysis we presented an Onboarding Roadmap, that indicated elements for different roles as well as overlaps to ensure assets were re-cycled for use with multiple audiences where possible.

We then moved in to design mode, with detailed module maps and a comprehensive shoot list for both video and stills. During a 2 day video shoot, which included staff as well as professional actors, we created a dozen clips of varying lengths that were eventually threaded into the e-learning framework.  The end product was a set of online curriculums that ranged from Front Line staff to Transport manager and utilised a range of media to deliver key massages.

The Result

Since it was launched in 2017 over 1,000 new and serving employees have completed the programme – over a third of the total workforce.