Connect: Multimedia Training for a Live Audience

If you’re tired of “Death by PowerPoint” in meetings, think about how CPD and student audiences feel! We did, which is why we came up with our new CPD and presentation product, “Connect!”. Connect uses the latest development tools to create a flexible and engaging presentation tool –  mixing video with animations and games to provide an unrivalled experience on both whiteboards and projectors. You can even have drag and drop navigation to allow experienced presenters to respond to audience questions and move with the flow of a topic.

BPEC are using ‘Connect’ to develop highly interactive teaching materials for use with plumbing students in Colleges and private training centres, classroom learning will never be the same again. Check out ‘Connect’ for yourself.

The creation of iBPEC: teach using Cortexa’s ‘Connect’ represents a new way of learning, bringing education into the 21st century. A multimedia teaching experience that utilises the exceptional capabilities of HTML 5 so that BPEC teachers can create engagement in learning like never before. iBPEC features customisable multimedia assets that can be swapped in and out to keep content fresh. A variety of unique interactive games that can test and challenge students whether on a computer with a mouse or through touch interfaces. The site is multi-platform friendly to accommodate the on the go lifestyle so you can learn when you want and how you want.

Education is ever evolving as we continue to push the boundaries of effective learning. What started as chalk boards in classrooms has become tablets on a train or mobile phones on a plane and Cortexa is leading from the front of this evolution.