Onboarding and Induction

There is a low hum of concern in the HR world regarding the topic of this article. Understandably they connect the role of Human Resources with providing a human to human experience. So, the traditional New Starter Induction process of face to face meetings and classroom tuition fits most comfortably. After all history and good practise has shown that “our people are our greatest asset”.

Induction-and-OnboardingThis traditional approach is not broken. Technology may give you speed, consistency and value for money but it will never provide the personal insight that comes from direct human interaction. This is rarely so apparent in Week One, when new employees go through the trauma of getting to know a new employer, new colleagues and a new workplace; not to mention the new job!

So, if traditional Induction processes still add value, is there not a place for a Blended Approach?

The times they are a-changing…

Today’s workforce is more fluid and the younger generation’s portfolio career brings additional challenges.  The organisation needs their new employees to hit the ground running, but they also recognise the need to provide training and an efficient way to integrate new staff, that said the traditional approach can be slow and ineffective. So, “Induction” becomes “Onboarding” and some elements of the process are put online.

“Online Onboarding” can be a vital part of the Week One experience providing increased flexibility, increased speed and reduced costs.

What does Online Onboarding look like?

Well in most cases it’s not that dissimilar to the traditional version. The core content and topics often remain the same but the face to face, classroom-based elements are replaced by video and animation rich content, reference material, social channels and checklists. 21st century delivery for 21st century employees.

The challenge is pretty demanding, the regulatory and compliance load alone can be overwhelming for a new starter. We see Week One programmes typically covering: –

  • Company Introduction & Welcome (vision, values, history)
  • Privacy & Security
  • Equality & Diversity, personal conduct
  • Bribery &Corruption, Ethics, Money Laundering
  • Company structure, career paths, benefits & review processes
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Introduction to company systems – email, CRM, payroll, holiday requests etc.

Onboarding-and-InductionThe benefits of Online Onboarding

Online guarantees a consistent, repeatable programme for all, that means every element is covered and that the information provided is approved and accurate. There are no delays in delivering the content, as it is accessible immediately online and new staff don’t have to wait for spaces in the CEO’s diary or for intake numbers to reach a critical mass for them to get the company message. Compliance can be tracked via mini assessments and knowledge checks and test results reviewed to ensure current and ongoing effectiveness. The Learning Management System (LMS) can also provide an audit trail – demonstrating that the organisation has provided adequate training in areas which could result in legal disputes, such as health and safety, financial conduct or sexual harassment.

There is no substitute for a warm, human welcome, but the internet is here to stay and, in an age when diners text each other across a restaurant table, high impact Onboarding is fast becoming a ‘must have’ product.

Onboarding with Cortexa

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