Off-The-Shelf e-Learning

Five Benefits to Off-The-Shelf e-Learning

Pre-built online training courses can be an attractive option. No need for you to create or commission online training from scratch, just use a professionally developed module out of the box. Here are five good reasons why you should consider it.

  1. Reduced Costs

Off-the-shelf e-Learning is less costly than custom solutions. You don’t have to buy or learn an authoring tool. There is no need for graphic designers or the cost of engaging a Know Expert. Someone has already done all the work for you so you can simply deploy the course, promote its availability and track its usage. Simple.

  1. Ready to Deploy

Any pre- built courses worth their salt are developed to recognised industry standards, so you they should be compatible with your existing LMS, ready for immediate deployment. There is no delay whilst you test the finished product, or lengthy revisions to eliminate errors. Your employees can receive the benefits of the online training course right away.

  1. Professional Content

Commercially available Off-The-Shelf courses are created by experienced professionals who know how to avoid the obvious pitfalls and have the techniques necessary to guarantee high knowledge retention. They will have validated the accuracy of information and it will be up-to-date to ensure its relevance.

  1. Choice

Many suppliers of eLearning offer multiple options for one topic offering different styles of learning, so you can select one that sits most harmoniously with your other courses. Courses will also vary in their depth of detail, so you can choose one that is as comprehensive or simplified as required. Lastly some suppliers will provide you the opportunity to review the full course via a private link, so you can ensure that it meets your need before you purchase it.

  1. Freed Resources

Pre-built e-Learning comes in a neat little package that doesn’t require any of your time or assets. If your internal development team are already stretched, then bolstering your catalogue with a number of Off-The-Shelf offerings can free them up for other niche content creation. Using them where inhouse knowledge is key to the message, content or subject matter.

Of course, all these benefits are only valid if you have an existing LMS on which to host the course. This is in itself can be a major investment, particularly if you are just starting to explore the benefits of online learning. At Cortexa we have a solution for this as well. Our Cortexa Learning Hub is a free to use open Learning Management System that is already populated with our most regularly requested titles. Once we have allocated you a business login then all the courses are available for individual purchase.

Should you require access to Off-The-Shelf e-learning content or would like to review our open LMS Hub, then please contact us now on 0330 024 2881 or enquiry using the form provided HERE.

Original Article by Cortexa