Brooks Group continued commitment to staff training

As one of the Republic of Ireland’s leading Building and Timber Merchants the Brooks Group has always been committed to offering the very best in customer service. Brooks has been an institution in the Irish construction industry since its inception in the late 1700’s and their success has been driven by their customer-focused approach.

Premier Forest Products continued commitment to staff training

Premier Forest Products continued commitment to staff training

Premier Forest Products is one of the UK’s leading independent importers and distributors of Timber and Panel Products. Currently operating from 15 sites within the UK and Eire, their publicly acclaimed aim is to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Andrews Building Supplies join the BMF Campus training academy

Andrews Building Supplies join the BMF Campus training academy

Andrews Building Supplies are a friendly independent family owed business that operates from both a Peterborough and Huntington based site. They supply both to the trade and public and pride themselves on provide knowledgeable advice on any building matter.

elearning repurpose

Repurpose eLearning

No one wants to find themselves staring at a blank page whilst waiting for inspiration to strike. Which is why so many businesses attempt to build their new eLearning courses by repurposing their previous offering. However, referencing traditional training handouts or even adapting older online courses can generate its own pitfalls. The original source material […]

eLearning from Cortexa

eLearning Business Topic Bundles – Ready Now Whilst at work your people are on the front line with customers and upholding the reputation of your business. It is therefore important that they are aware of the changing regulations and laws that may affect the way they approach their jobs. A wrong decision can be costly […]


eLearning, online learning, online training, elearning, e-learning and e learning – it doesn’t matter how you spell it, you just need to know it makes sense. The Simple Stuff eLearning allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available […]

SCORM or Tin Can API

SCORM or Tin Can API?

eLearning – SCORM or Tin Can API? If you have found this article, then you probably know that SCORM and Tin Can API are the two most popular standards for the creation of eLearning content. What you are most likely struggling with is which is best? Well you’ve come to the right place.  A little […]

Multilingual Learning Management System LMS

Multilingual Learning Management System LMS

The very nature of an online Learning Management System (LMS) is that you can deploy training across the globe. So, it’s hardly surprising that multilingual support can be a serious consideration. LMSs are easily accessible from any connected platform and therefore your entire organisation can login to learn, regardless of whether a learner is in […]

eLearning App - Extending eLearning

eLearning App – Extending eLearning to a one step warranty

Viessmann came to Cortexa with a challenge. They wanted Trained Installers to register your domestic boiler installations with Gas Safe and to register the homeowner’s boiler warranty, in one easy step. They wanted a slick mobile friendly process to enable this and to provide the customer with their extended warranty options which  they could paid […]

eLearning Content – What makes it stick?

If you are involved with any kind of learning creation or delivery, then knowledge retention will be high on your agenda. After all, what’s the point of all that work in design and development if what your delivering doesn’t stick with the audience? Studies have shown that many factors will increase learning retention rates and […]

What is an LMS Learning Management

What is an LMS Learning Management System?

Learning Management System LMS – A Quick Guide The primary function of all Learning Management System platforms is to provide a web based experience to deliver online training. The complexity and features provided tend to vary depending on a company’s objectives, strategy and desired outcomes. Some LMS software provide authoring capabilities which allow users to […]

LMS Provider

As an LMS provider we take the success of your investment very seriously. Too often companies lean towards the “Field of Dreams” approach to Learning Management “If you build it, he will come”.  However, our experience has shown that the adoption of effective eLearning works best when linked to a carefully considered engagement campaign. At […]

eLearning Solutions

eLearning Solutions Providing content, authoring and Learning Management Systems Cortexa provide everything you need to deliver online training to your organisation, from content authoring and e-learning catalogues to LMS technology. 4 Easy eLearning Solutions

Benefits of eLearning – Making e-Learning Pay

Benefits of eLearning – Making e-Learning Pay There is no getting away from the fact that staff training and eLearning courses will cost money. However never underestimate the potential savings that can result from knowledgeable, effective and highly trained employees. Training benefits: –

Build eLearning In-House – A guide to InHouse eLearning Development

Build eLearning In-House – A guide to InHouse eLearning Development Creating eLearning in-house can address many issues; you know your audience better than most and have the expertise you want others to know about. Add to that the potential cost savings and reduced lead times and it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Successful in-house development uses […]

eLearning is the Solution – So what’s the Problem?

eLearning is the Solution – So what’s the Problem?

eLearning is the Solution – So what’s the Problem? Decision Made – eLearning Here We Come. After much deliberation and internal debate your business has agreed on an eLearning strategy. Everyone has acknowledged the cost benefits and the flexibility that it’ll offer so we are Good to Go! Now is the ideal time to pause […]

Howarth Timber’s Staff Development and eLearning Programme Success

Howarth Timber’s Staff Development and eLearning Programme Success

Howarth Timber’s Staff Development Programme Success One of Britain’s leading merchants, Howarth Timber, recently conducted a transformation of their National Sales function. What resulted was a sustainable development programme for their annual Graduate Sales intake as well as their External Sales teams. The main programme objective deliverables were to ensure that the Sales Teams had […]

Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding and Induction There is a low hum of concern in the HR world regarding the topic of this article. Understandably they connect the role of Human Resources with providing a human to human experience. So, the traditional New Starter Induction process of face to face meetings and classroom tuition fits most comfortably. After all […]

eLearning Health Care

eLearning Health Care

eLearning Health Care To aid front line health care staff they are now able to register for free and take a number of eLearning Health Care courses designed to offer essential advice and guidance. In a partnership with Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS these sessions are aimed at general staff from domiciliary, community, […]

A beginners guide to eLearning

A beginners guide to eLearning Well in essence, it allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available are about a diverse and far ranging as you can imagine. Many are on subjects that you would most likely expect, […]

Dive into eLearning

Dive into eLearning The Dive community both here and abroad is enthusiastically discussing a relatively new topic of conversation. The interest surrounds the growing range of digital options for education delivery that have become available on PADI’s website.

Builders Merchant Building Index

Builders Merchants Building Index report

Builders Merchants Building Index report The latest Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) report reveals the  strong start to 2018 for builders’ merchants continues, with heavy building materials sales in February up on the same period last year. Read the full report HERE.

Principles of Instructional Design in eLearning

Principles of Instructional Design

Principles of Instructional Design The instructional design of last year is not the same as instructional design this year, and won’t be the same next year. That’s a good thing by the way! That said, there are some definite principles of instructional design. Instructional design moves and develops with the needs of the audience, the […]

Cyber Security online training

Your own staff are your biggest Cyber Security Risk! Whilst addressing the issues of cyber security most organisations have focused their time on defending against external threats. Looking to create ever more robust firewalls and filtering out incoming emails from unrecognised senders or removing suspicious attachments. All very noteworthy activities and certainly actions that can […]

Are you GDPR Ready?

You may be ready for GDPR but are your colleagues? Many businesses have been working hard in readiness for the GDPR later next month. However much of the focus and knowledge has remained at a senior management level. So the Business might be ready but what about all your members of staff? Do they understand […]

New Wood Windows CPD

Wood Campus is the UK wood industry’s free information and learning site. Whether you’re a specifier, a builder, working in a merchant’s or into DIY, you’ll find the information, inspiration and learning tools you need to use more wood – the most sustainable of materials. View the site now here

5 Ways an Installer Portal Builds Business

If you want to engage more closely with the people who install your products, online is the most cost effective way of doing it. Why engage? The main reason is to ensure your loyal installer stays loyal and you continue to sell products through his or her influence.

Stuart Turner Online Academy

Spotlight: Course Calendar

Today we are spotlighting a useful feature for all Campus sites, the highly rated ‘Course Calendar’. This feature supports the co-ordination of blended learning training courses, allowing registered users to sign up and book a place.

BWF Training Academy

With over 15 years of experience in the e-learning industry Cortexa is proud to add yet another leading edge project to its portfolio with the launch of the BWF Training Academy in association with the British Woodworking Federation. This global platform powered by Cortexa Campus will help to train professionals around the globe, delivering high […]

GAI Launches New Education Hub

Cortexa has been creating digital training and marketing assets since 2001 and are now proud to announce the launch of one of our biggest projects to date in conjunction with the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). The launch of the GAI education hub represents a completely new online format for learning for architectural ironmongery students all […]

10 Ways to maximise returns from your Cortexa project

When the development of your Cortexa Assets is complete the project to maximise your returns is only beginning, we talk about “Build Once Use Many” but how does that work? Here are 10 ways to maximise your returns:

Getting the most out of BMF Campus

The most frequent question I get as I visit our customers goes something like this: “Campus is great and I am sure we will benefit from all the learning – especially the added Product Knowledge – but we’re not seeing a lot of activity at the moment!”.

virtual rep - cortexa

Why a Virtual Rep is better than a real one!

I always like a good headline and I don’t really mean that we should replace our external salesforces with virtual reps, I have this vision of Max Headroom in a Builders Merchants branch on a screen behind the trade counter, and at the end of the day it would be very difficult to create an […]

Get ‘Ready To Go’ with brand new personal development courses

Welcome to the latest series of modules presented by Cortexa, ‘Ready to go Fundamentals’. These effective e-learning modules are bite sized but high impact training programmes designed to help develop personal skills by discovering all new ways to manage, communicate and interact so that you can feel confident in any working environment.

Swedish Wood launches new iPad CPD

In another initiative to bring CPD to life for architects, Swedish Wood have launched their ground-breaking, film-based Timber: the Building Material of the Future on iPad (as the Future Timber app).