LMS Support

After careful consideration you have selected an LMS Partner and have since dedicated weeks ensuring that their proposed design will meet all your current and future needs. Job done? Not quite.

For a service that your company will rely on to be available 24/7 what type of LMS support is on offer?

Often, LMS support is treated as an after-thought and its additional on-going costs minimised to save money. This is of course understandable, but may not be the wisest course. For starters, consider how much training has been provided to own internal support staff. Do they really understand the platform and can they deal with the day-to-day issues they need to?  Wherever you can see a shortcoming in your own support abilities that is where your Partner support will be required.

Problems which most often require escalation to Partner support are integration into existing business systems, report generation, hierarchical control and access management.

LMS Support Considerations

Begin by asking your LMS Partner what support levels or tiers they usually offer or recommend. Most suppliers will have an existing pricing model in place which at the very least will provide a starting point. Carefully review what each tier includes and its importance to your business. If you don’t need all the services offered in a tier, or you’re willing to pay annually upfront, don’t be afraid to negotiate on the price..

Ask if your LMS Partner offers support KPIs. Broad service support claims should always be backed by tracked reports of progress. Hours of support and resolution targets should be judiciously considered.

Lastly consider how the support is provided. At the lowest level some LMS providers will steer you to a dedicated online forum which is likely to engage by email. More recently LMS platforms are providing a Live Chat option which can be useful for minor issues.  This system helps suppliers handle many queries simultaneously but can leave users with prolonged waiting times. Our recommended LMS support service would always include telephone support across your standard business hours (generally, out-of-hours support is expensive). Always enquire about the experience level, expertise, and skills of the telephone support staff. Is a friendly professional manner balanced with the goal of a fast, efficient solution?

When in any doubt about the service support you require or will be receiving, ask your provider for references. Remember, don’t make service support an after-thought!

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