Maximise returns from your LMS

As an LMS provider we take the success of your investment very seriously. Too often companies lean towards the “Field of Dreams” approach to Learning Management “If you build it, he will come”.  However, our experience has shown that the adoption of effective eLearning works best when linked to a carefully considered engagement campaign. At Cortexa we offer guidance to our customers so that their businesses reap the fastest rewards possible and their staff recognise the positive learning opportunities it provides.

Here is a snapshot of our implementation guidance and support. 

When launching or expanding your eLearning offering you should consider two key influential success factors.

  1. When are you expecting your staff to learn?
  2. What will motivate your staff to learn?

Our online learning content is always of the highest quality, built to be entertaining and inspiring but no one will ever know this if they don’t have the time or inclination to even start. So, here is a list of things that should form a part of your eLearning Engagement Campaign.

  1. Make time for staff to learn.

Employees work hard throughout the day on their primary tasks. Expecting them to neglect those or give up their own personal time may well be expecting too much. So, we would encourage you to proactively promote time within the working week for staff to study. We understand that time cannot be conjured from nowhere, so you may need to be creative. Look to cancel meetings that no longer fulfil their original brief or just shave time from those meetings which you can see are losing momentum. Also make your staff aware that your courses are either “bite-sized” or that longer ones can be resumed at any convenient time, thus helping employees to dismiss any mental obstacles.

  1. Make the learning link.

Often employee see training as unrelated to their work function, undertaking tasks to comply with company goals rather than offering them any direct benefits. Foster a learning culture that promotes each course and ensures that staff “buy-in” to how it can benefit their performance, unlock their potential or places them on a new internal career path. eLearning content can be placed in associated bundles with descriptive titles to better promote the combined purpose of that programme. Also, LMS can offer a competitive element through a credit or badge-based system, motivating increased learning activity by creating departmental teams, backed by published recognition or low-cost rewards.

  1. Make learning social.

Previously online learning has had a simplistic delivery method which could be perceived as impersonal and isolating. Fortunately, technology now offers far more methods for everyone to use learning to keep in touch and to share their knowledge. Our own systems can include forum areas for sharing or offering advice to the whole user community. Users can customise their own learning experience and tailor their social profile to reflect their personalities. Also, don’t rule out blending your online courses with traditional face to face or group activities. These help to promote your existing or new eLearning content and can be used to promote successes and achievement by individuals, teams or departments.

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