LMS Blended Learning

In the world on online learning and LMS providers the term “blended learning” has become very popular. In essence it is an acknowledgement by the industry that traditional classroom style events still fulfil an important educational role. Despite all the benefits provided by 24/7 training access, in certain circumstance there is still no substitute for a face to face meeting or group interactive event.

So modern online Learning Management Systems have created mechanisms to incorporate traditional training methods into their platforms. Courses can therefore be a blended mix. Topics or Learning Paths can be a combination of online training with knowledge tests, instructor led events, face to face reviews and LMS submitted project work requiring human assessment.

Blended learning at its best ensures that more expensive instructor training time is focused on tackling complex topics less suited to click based assessment. It also helps learners to reach a required standard before attending a classroom session, thus avoiding less experienced students becoming the speed anchor. All in all, a good LMS should weave both learning strands together seamlessly. Learners experience an educational journey that deploys the most effective approaches and methods whilst L&D managers efficiently coordinate, track and schedule the whole process.

Totara Blended Learning

Class leading LMS systems like Totara have blended learning integration at the core of the platform.   The software offers dedicated seminar dashboards through which you can review upcoming training sessions and efficiently schedule events. With user-friendly, self-service booking systems, learners can find and choose the course and session right for them and manage their booking directly. Once booked, event details can be a saved to a learner’s (and their manager’s) calendar using the iCal standard for Outlook, Google and a range of other calendar systems.

To help administer the system, trainers and administrators can mark attendance at training events individually, in bulk or via a customisable signup sheet. With both small and large events easily managed within Totara Learn, attendance can be tracked and counted towards the professional development of your learners.

For scheduling traditional learning, the system even has an inbuilt room management facility which holds the addresses, predefined rooms, their capacities, available equipment and avoids double booking.

In Summary

It offers cost effective learning methods complimented by instructor led events and individual tutoring. The group training sessions provide a platform to foster collaborative learning and an opportunity for learners to both challenge and support each other. This direct access to the knowledge experts means that they can be questioned in-depth on areas of uncertainty or confusion. Recent surveys are already showing the measurable benefits of a blended learning approach so the results are already in. If you are convinced by its logic then why not call us now on 0330 024 2881 so we can discuss your needs in detail. If a Totara LMS demonstration is required, then why not book it here.

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