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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management SystemsModern working life demands a speed of education like never before, with the right blend of learning and performance support. Good learning management systems will deliver that and fulfil a number of criteria: it should be stable, easy to use and deliver stimulating content in the most demanding situations – not every learner works in an office!

Campus has become the industry leading LMS because it’s easy to use, quick and straight forward to implement and has powerful backend functionality.  We run learning sites for some of the largest and busiest players in the construction sector; today we deliver content to over 70,000 students across close to 100 organisations.

Cortexa Campus Core2
Campus is a proven, web based Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers full learning management functionality on a shared platform. Campus is quick and easy to set up and comes with a ready stocked catalogue of courses, many of which are free to use and can be selected from a learning library of over 300 SCORM based courses. Core2 is our full corporate LMS, its light and responsive design belies its technical depth and enables learners to access learning from any device of their choice, regardless of time or place. Equipped with over 160 features, Core2 is a perfect mix of a traditional Learning Management System with an edge that lets you do things other systems don’t.
Key Features Key Features
• Intuitive interface

• Full industry specific e-learning library

• Customised certificates

• Custom site branding

• Individual learner profiles

• Classroom learning management

• Knowledgebase (videos, documents, news, articles)

• Full team manager and administrator roles

• HR Integration

• Responsive Framework

• Blended Learning

• Classroom Training

• Virtual Classroom

• Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration Tools

• MIS Reporting

• xAPI and/or SCORM compliant

• Integration Capability with External Systems

• Single sign on