Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


Learning Management System (LMS)

What makes them different and why should your business be considering the switch?

The Learning and Development industry has happily adopted the LMS (Learning Management System) term which is widely used for most current learning platforms.

This traditional approach offers a software product that hosts, delivers and tracks learner progress. They do vary in complexity, but most have not evolved much beyond this core functionality.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP or LEP) is a newer term in comparison and is used to describe a platform where social interaction, forum contribution and supported learning is at the centre of the experience.

An LXP is about creating an environment where a culture of learning is offered through a more social networking styled experience, providing learners with areas where they can interact and support each other directly whilst contributing to forum discussions. Rather than constraining the learner by way of the courses provided, these mechanisms create a wider learning opportunity. Internal or community knowledge experts can empower others, staff can mentor each other and foster their own knowledge network.

Members are offered the opportunity to build a more comprehensive and personalised profile, allowing others to identify users perusing similar career aspirations or experiencing the same challenges or roadblocks to success, creating a support network into which others can contribute when they believe their knowledge will be of benefit.

Here are some of the key features our customers refer to when looking to make the switch.

Social Learning

  • The ability to leave feedback directly on a user’s personal “Facebook” style wall
  • The opportunity to exchange views in predefined groups or private networks
  • Email notification online or by email when learners receive replies or are mentioned by name
  • The creation of Super Users and moderators to manage discussions, forums and posted content
LXP Social Learning
LXP Community Learning

Community Groups

  • Customisable member profiles with photos and social links
  • Direct connect facilities through which to hold public or private discussions
  • Public or private forums to promote knowledge sharing and support networks
  • Profile permissions and roles to hide and manage content

Wider Learning

  • Easy view activity feeds so learners can track everything of interest and experts can offer instant advice
  • Invite new users and send branded and customisable emails to grow the community and enhance engagement
  • Individual media albums for users to share images
  • Built-in calendar to advertise forthcoming events
  • A site wide search facility so that learners can find content across the entire network – users, courses, articles etc.
LXP Wider Learning

Whilst the newly emerging LXPs will not be right for every business, they are being increasingly recognised as offering an improved and more engaging learning experience – providing an interface which more closely mirrors the social networking sites which staff already use for their pleasure and unstructured learning and sharing.

For more information on an LXP from Cortexa or to experience a full demonstration of our showcase site, call us on 0330 024 2881.