Green Screen Videos

Here at Cortexa we offer a full suite of video and animation services. Our location filming crew regularly find themselves videoing product demonstrations, installation services and pieces to camera. However, location sites don’t always create the ideal backdrop for filming. Real business environments are often busy and noisy, including distracting objects or signage. Some sites can even pose a health and safety challenge. To counter this our most effective solution is that of a mobile green screen facility.

The green screen allows us to superimpose different backgrounds behind presenters, interviewees and products. This technique allows us to film in a more controlled and relaxed environment in the knowledge that we can drop the footage in front of a more appropriate backdrop. To ensure the most professional results we also bring along our lighting rig so that scene looks bright but natural in tone. For pieces to camera we also supply an autocue (teleprompter). So rather than expecting you to learn your entire speech you can give it to us and we’ll project it in front of the camera. We even have a remote control so that you can vary the delivery speed to match your delivery style. If you are uncomfortable delivering your own content, then we can supply the talent for you and you can just oversee the process to confirm that you are happy with results.

We price our services on a day rate basis, but these will vary dependent of what editing or further processing is required. In post-production many training videos require the addition of bullet point captions, animations and the recording and merging of voice overs. Rest assured that our rates are highly competitive and the end product is broadcast quality. If you like to see examples of our recent work then please just let us know.

The major benefit of using Cortexa is that our video production team is an integrated arm of our e-learning production system. That way we guarantee they capture the exact shots needed to assemble the course content you have already approved. Providing an end to end process that you can rely on.

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