Facebook on its way out?

According to recent reports Facebook shares fell 25% in a single day, wiping over £147bn off its value. This comes after the company reported its first ever drop in daily user number. So, despite its divergence towards Instagram, WhatsApp and their massive investment in Meta, their original platform is now in decline. How steep the decline we are yet to discover but many of us will remember My space and that disappeared almost overnight. But is any of this a surprise? Ultimately many technologies, companies and trends have their day as things inevitably move on. Pictures will still be posted, views will be exchanged, videos watched, and new connections made but the platforms where this happens will change. So, if it’s not the content or the desire to be seen and entertained that has changed, what is it? Well, I believe it is two major factors and the first of these is the lack of innovation. Whilst Facebook has not stood still since release it has relieved on evolution rather than revolution.  The second and possibly unavoidable factor is that people just get bored of what they already know and want to be a part of something that is new and fresh. They need fresh stimulation that engages in a new way and that feels like it was born from the present rather than platform of tradition. It could be argued that the world of online learning has reached this same tipping point. Whilst content quality, production and interaction has massively improved, the delivery platforms continue to look like “just a delivery platform” that reflect their time of creation. Most LMS sites, at best, look purposeful and business like so is it any wonder that we have to drive staff towards them with a whip and a chair?

So if you are in the market for your first or replacement LMS platform, clear your mind, set a higher expectation, and consider if what you are looking at is where you would like to learn, be inspired and share your knowledge? Because if you don’t like its look and feel then neither will your staff and they simply won’t engage. Be bold and look instead for the next Facebook alternative and at launch exceed their and your own expectations. The new LMS options are out there with a look and feel that mirrors todays audience, so don’t opt for a platform on its way out, why not search wider to find what’s new.