e-Learning: Staff retention, compliance solution & savings

The modern world of business moves at an ever-increasing pace. High staff turnover is becoming the norm and the spectre of ever-changing regulations haunts us all. Then of course there are lower budgets and don’t even get me started on Brexit! But stay with me, step away from the edge. I bring you hope, I know of a solution. It will not change your life, but it could make a real difference.  The answer is e-Learning. Obviously this solution isn’t appropriate for Brexit. So, let me quickly explain.

Speed of change

No one is expecting the pace of change to slow, so we have to produce methods of keeping up. Rather than fight against modern technology we need to embrace and use it. Learning Management Systems provide access to learning pretty much anywhere, 24 – 7 and 365 days a year. What it delivers is consistent, repeatable training which can be updated and switched within moments. It remains under your management and everyone accessing can be viewed and monitored. It is a low cost, scaleable solution which reaches across the globe and can be multilingual.

High staff turnover

Staff move employers for a variety of reasons but some of the most common are:

  • To be challenged
  • To increase their salary
  • To gain a promotion
  • Because they feel under valued

All very good reasons I’m sure we would agree. However, staff with access to quality e-Learning will be able to see a clearly visible career path. There’ll be courses and activities which provide the necessary steps and online mentoring.  Your courses will empower staff to take the initiative in developing their careers. It will prove that you value their commitment, want to nurture their talents and will reward accordingly. Well trained, valued staff will increase your productivity and decrease your need for recruitment.

Increasing regulation and compliance

Companies are operating in an increasingly structured world of laws and safety regulations. They are all there for really important reasons but fines for non-compliance can bring a small company to its knees. e-Learning is a proven cost-effective approach for managing this continuous risk. Providing traceable course completion to those staff that need the training offers proof that your company takes its responsibilities seriously.

Decreasing budgets

Everyone is looking to achieve more for less. Whether that’s to increase profitability or reduce costs the net result is the same. From an HR perspective this is a particularly difficult challenge for all the reasons already covered. So, the deployment of an effective LMS is the ideal solution. The initial development costs are at an all-time low and can be quickly populated with high quality courses which will cover the vast majority of generic course topics. Even the process of rebranding is quick and simple so there is no excuse for your courses to look anything other than your very own.


Unlike the continuous arguments over Brexit, the statistics don’t lie. Learning Management Systems combined with effective updated courses provide measurable results. If you’d like to know more about how it’s done, want indicative costs or would like to hear about others who have already taken the plunge, then call us on 0330 024 2881. Alternatively, if you are a little shy, use our website chatbot or complete our on line form and we’ll provide you everything you need to make the next important step.

Original Article by Cortexa