e-Learning is the Solution – so what’s the problem

Decision Made – e-Learning Here We Come.

After much deliberation and internal debate your business has agreed on an eLearning strategy. Everyone has acknowledged the cost benefits and the flexibility that it’ll offer so we are Good to Go! Now is the ideal time to pause and consider what you are looking to achieve. Successful learning is based on a targeted and quantifiable need. Once that is established then the starting point can be measured and success criteria can be set.

So what does your company need? Here are some of the most common challenges and questions to help guide your thoughts and inform your choices.


All on the Same Page?

Is the right audience getting the right message? Are your staff members struggling to understand your company’s key objectives? eLearning-is-the-Solution-–-So-what’s-the-ProblemDo they need to see the bigger company picture and the part that they can play? Could your eLearning share the knowledge and expertise built up across the organisation so that staff feel equipped and trusted to make a difference?

Rising Stars

Do your staff feel valued? Do they have routes to personal development which will create clear career paths and motivate them to succeed? Have they the opportunity to build their skills sets to increase their productivity, their self-esteem and their earning potential?

Strike while the Iron’s Hot

Do you have a new opportunity for growth and increased profits? A new target market ripe for the picking? Can your staff seize the opportunity and act now or is there a skills or knowledge shortage that needs addressing?

Getting the Best Start

It’s always good for new starters to hit the ground running. An online induction or ‘onboarding’ programme delivers a timely and consistent introduction to a range of company policies, including cyber security and data protection. Does the training need to be accessible anywhere, delivered to a consistently high standard and be trackable for HR records?

At Cortexa we have helped companies like your own tackle all these essential areas of need and can quickly help you deploy effective content across a robust and scalable LMS. So, whilst you pause to consider your target needs why not spare a moment to give us a call and find out more.

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Original Article by (our very own) Lynne Moses