eLearning Flash based course conversion

Time is running out


eLearning Flash based course conversionIf any of your existing elearning courses were created using Flash based technology, then by  December 31st 2020 they’ll stop working correctly, if at all! The reason is that many of the leading browsers, like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, are removing Flash support when Adobe Flash stops updating and distributing it in December 2020.  For the last two decades Flash was synonymous with elearning course production and delivery, offering a functionality which at the time was unachievable through HTML coding. However, Flash will soon be no more and many businesses will find their online courses stop functioning.

So, if you still have your training resources wrapped within Flash based courses then now is the time to change. But fear not as there are some major benefits to the enforced transition.

  • Having an existing course reauthored is the ideal time to check that it is still accurate, relevant and fit for purpose. Older courses also tend to be longer in duration than the contemporary courses, so consider using the opportunity to reduce the content into more bite sized modules for easier consumption.


  • New authoring tools extend the design capabilities for course creation and therefore we can recreate it with a more engaging and slicker user experience. With some fresh thinking we can help avoid merely reproducing old content in a new frock.


  • Flash based courses also handle video less effectively than modern technologies so these resources can be better utilised in any future reincarnation.


  • Any redesigned course can be made more mobile friendly. Allowing us to remove traditional Flash rollover style interactions to cater for the gesture system common to mobile device users.


  • And FINALLY………converting Flash based courses need not be expensive. As existing courses can be reviewed for proposed improvements and original resources are available, a reconstruction can be achieved quite quickly. New software and coding also mean that any future changes to its content or design can be achieved faster and at a reduce cost.


Our Instructional Designers have years of experience spanning back to when Flash was king, so we are ideally placed to guide you through our fast and cost-effective conversion process. Even If you are unsure if your existing courses are Flash based then we can help. Why not contact us now to find out more? Telephone us on 0330 024 2881 or complete our online form.