e-Learning & LMS Compliance Training

Firstly, why is compliance training so important for all businesses?

In modern business staff are bombarded with information and are expected to respond just as quickly. Technology allows us to work faster and we can distribute more information to more people than ever before. But throughout this fast paced existence all staff need to remain compliant. The various regulatory bodies and laws relating to compliance continued to grow along with associated fines.

There are no doubts that compliance serves an important purpose but remaining compliant can be bewildering. Businesses need to comply and should have demonstrable processes to prove this is the case. Here is how e-learning and your learning management system will help you navigate these problems.

Totara LMS

Totara Learn offers a range of tools to assign the right learning programs to the right people, automate recertification reminders and generate comprehensive reports on completions and non-compliance. It provides mechanisms to enrol learners and track their completion of mandatory as well as optional courses.

Automatic tracking of certification expirations will alert learners and managers to upcoming training needs which will ensure continual compliance. Central records will show individual staff development as well as their upcoming mandatory and compliance based training requirements.

Totara can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on compulsory and compliance training completions and gaps, compliance managers can have relevant and up-to-date reports sent straight to their inbox.

e-Learning Compliance Courses

Due to both need and popularity compliance courses are in abundant supply. The 2018 introduction of GDPR has been the most recent high profile training requirement for staff. Cyber security is another essential course, teaching employees how to protect your organisation’s assets by securing your data and implementing IT systems and processes that promote safe use. Then there are the continual compliance concerns for effective Health and Safety, Diversity in the workplace and issues relating to Sustainability and the Environment.

e-Learning courses on compliance have the major advantage that successful completion can be tracked and demonstrated. They offer repeatable quality which ensures that the training experience is professional and that no details are ever skipped. It is also available 24/7 which means that new starters can be quickly trained to ensure safety and security for all involved.

At Cortexa we now offer compliance courses bundles which help businesses provide the most cost effective training to larger numbers of staff.

The Cost Of Non-Compliance

Leaving aside the headline grabbing fines, there are other costs to non-compliance in the workplace. Consider the implications of companies that fails to respect employment rights! The fallout from just one case can be extremely damaging, leading to widespread disaffection, increased employee turnover, a fall in performance, a loss of expertise and increased costs to recruit new talent. An LMS populated with compliance courses is the modern day solution to all of this.

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