e-Learning – A Business Case for Change

Generally business training budgets have gone down. Those providing or facilitating the provision have reduced and companies are fighting to retain their valuable staff. So, the question is “how to achieve more with less”?

Unsurprisingly many conclude that e-learning is the answer. So what key factors builds the best case for change?

Traditional Negatives

  1. Logistical Costs. 

The costs of traditional training will continue to rise. Business premises don’t often have the flexibility to host large classroom events. External hosting comes at a cost and needs to be booked far in advance. Learners with incur travel costs and could require overnight accommodation.

  1. Quality and Uniformity. 

No two people deliver training in the same way and their effectiveness can differ greatly. Nobody wants to force trainers to deliver a full scripted presentation but where there’s room for interpretation there’s room for variation. So traditional methods provide the benefits of face to face interaction but will lack uniformity.

  1. Soft Costs. 

Traditional training will tie up staff for a fixed period, no matter what existing topic knowledge they may have. The pace of delivery will generally remain constrained to the slowest learner within the group and no one can skip forwards to the section of most interest. Many will be required to travel to the event and therefore more productive time is lost. Senior presenters or knowledge experts will be required to attend and therefore senior staff will suffer reduced productivity.

e-Learning Positives

  • Online guarantees a consistent, repeatable programme for all, that means every element is covered and that the information provided is approved and accurate.
  • No delays in delivering the content, as it is accessible immediately online.
  • All training can be tracked, and you can ensure critical information is delivered to those who need it.
  • Training courses can include assessments to guarantee that information is correctly understood and struggling learners can be identified and supported to reach the required standard.

If you want help create a cast iron business case to implement e-learning, then give us a call. We also provide LMS packages to offer a cost-effective start-up package inclusive of hosting and a ready to use courses. Phone now on 0330 024 2881.

Original Article by Cortexa