Dive into e-Learning

The Dive community both here and abroad is enthusiastically discussing a relatively new topic of conversation. The interest surrounds the growing range of digital options for education delivery that have become available on PADI’s website.

Dive into eLearningTheir recent e-learning offering has swiftly become the method of choice for around a third of a million divers. It offers an immersive at-your-own-pace experience where divers are able to complete the knowledge development portion of their PADI programmes just about anywhere they have an internet connection. Compatible with Windows and OSx operating systems, courses covered include all core levels – including Divemaster and Instructor – plus Digital Underwater Photography.

So successful has the digital experience become that there is now an offline offering which gives access to core content right to the dive site. Creating a go-anywhere reference tool as an App for both Apple iOS and Android-based devices.

Makes you wonder where on earth will eLearning pop up next.

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