Your own staff are your biggest Cyber Security Risk!

Whilst addressing the issues of cyber security most organisations have focused their time on defending against external threats. Looking to create ever more robust firewalls and filtering out incoming emails from unrecognised senders or removing suspicious attachments. All very noteworthy activities and certainly actions that can create a more secure operating environment. However, experts are now proclaiming that the biggest security vulnerability is internal and hiding in plain sight: your employees.

Cyber Security online trainingMany of the breaches being publicised arose from staff being unaware of the vital part they themselves play in keeping business information secure and avoiding the transfer of harmful files. This lack of knowledge and forethought resulted in employees not risk assessing and policing their own daily activities.

Repeated areas of concern ranged from losing laptops, transferring data with those outside the business through item such as memory sticks and even sending sensitive information to unvalidated parties.

Cyber Security online training

So, with the right education your employees can still be your best and first line of defence against cyber threats. However, they will undoubtedly benefit from educational training if they are to become cyber-savvy.

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