Create your own business elearning training

Why you should and shouldn’t do it!

Create your own business elearning trainingThe Knowledge

You – know your audience, message and culture better than anyone and your knowledge experts are on hand to guide those writing the courses. You can quickly and easily test your draft course with its intended audience and use their feedback for refinement.

External Providers – can view your content with a fresh pair of eyes, stepping back from the content and dispassionately extracting the course message. An external design team will have more experience in creating content at the optimum length and pacing for the audience. They are more likely to approach the design from a more radical perspective to provide impact and knowledge retention.


You – as the creators you can choose to make resources immediately available, so you’re in control of timescales and deadlines. Internal resources will already be familiar with the message content and audience and therefore can reduce the production time.

External Providers – can have a larger creative team upon which to draw if a project is urgent. Their increased experience levels will most likely speed up production and deployment. Teams with specific skill sets can divide a project into smaller sections, allowing animator or film crews to create sections whilst leaving the main team to storyboard and assemble the content.


You – being seen to invest in your own inhouse L&D team is a power message to your work force, demonstrating your commitment to their development and career aspirations.

Authoring Tool

You – selecting, licensing and learning new software can be both a rewarding and challenging activity. This investment is ideal if you are going to use it regularly and sweat those assets, if however your needs will be sporadic then it’s harder to justify.

External Providers – have a sunk cost in the tools they already author courses with, therefore there is no direct cost for you. Their familiarity of the software can also ensure fast course creation and changes.


You – control costs when production moves inhouse. However some costs will be inevitable and will remain even if your team is not creating course content. To justify creating an inhouse team you really need to have a constant requirement for content development or plans to offer your new services to a wider community.

External Providers – may charge more per course for production but it remains a known fixed cost. You avoid recurring overheads and are always free to shop around.


Many large businesses will aspire to nurturing their own L&D department, staffed by knowledgeable individuals who proactively drive course creation and staff engagement with their branded Learning Management System. However, for most smaller businesses their elearning needs fluctuate in a way that means that those continual overheads are just not justifiable. Remember, it is not where it’s produced or by whom that matters, it’s that the net results can be felt and measured.

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