Cloud-Based LMS

Many businesses are now opting for a cloud-based LMS solution, so why could that be?

A cloud-based platform requires no installation within your own IT infrastructure, therefore there is no chance of software conflicts, no stretching of existing resources and no security issues relating remote access learners. Instead your chosen supplier can deploy your site more swiftly and immediately allocate the resources your LMS and learners require. When it comes to budget, costs are based on your individual needs which in general makes it more efficient and affordable. Whilst many cloud-based solutions will still entail an initial start-up cost this does tends to be relatively low. It also avoids the massive learning curve and development time associated with an In-House solution. After set-up, ongoing costs then just relate to licensing or subscriptions which helps keeps costs in-line with usage and offers easy scalability

As cloud-based solutions are hosted on the provider’s server they ensure data security and maintenance, in most cases this will also include software updates and back and restore services. Suppliers will also provide staff training to the required level and the opportunity to escalate support requests back through to their own help desks.

Finally, a cloud-based LMS can be experienced first-hand prior to making that final decision, this is because suppliers can demonstrate a live client platform already deployed. That way you can review the speed, functionality and security of a site which is already hosted on the same platform, technology and hardware that your own business will be using.

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