eLearning, online learning, online training, elearning, e-learning and e learning – it doesn’t matter how you spell it, you just need to know it makes sense. The Simple Stuff eLearning allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available […]

SCORM or Tin Can API

SCORM or Tin Can API?

eLearning – SCORM or Tin Can API? If you have found this article, then you probably know that SCORM and Tin Can API are the two most popular standards for the creation of eLearning content. What you are most likely struggling with is which is best? Well you’ve come to the right place.  A little […]

Multilingual Learning Management System LMS

Multilingual Learning Management System LMS

The very nature of an online Learning Management System (LMS) is that you can deploy training across the globe. So, it’s hardly surprising that multilingual support can be a serious consideration. LMSs are easily accessible from any connected platform and therefore your entire organisation can login to learn, regardless of whether a learner is in […]

What is an LMS Learning Management

What is an LMS Learning Management System?

Learning Management System LMS – A Quick Guide The primary function of all Learning Management System platforms is to provide a web based experience to deliver online training. The complexity and features provided tend to vary depending on a company’s objectives, strategy and desired outcomes. Some LMS software provide authoring capabilities which allow users to […]

LMS Provider

As an LMS provider we take the success of your investment very seriously. Too often companies lean towards the “Field of Dreams” approach to Learning Management “If you build it, he will come”.  However, our experience has shown that the adoption of effective eLearning works best when linked to a carefully considered engagement campaign. At […]