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eLearning Business Topic Bundles – Ready Now Whilst at work your people are on the front line with customers and upholding the reputation of your business. It is therefore important that they are aware of the changing regulations and laws that may affect the way they approach their jobs. A wrong decision can be costly […]


eLearning, online learning, online training, elearning, e-learning and e learning – it doesn’t matter how you spell it, you just need to know it makes sense. The Simple Stuff eLearning allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available […]

Benefits of eLearning – Making e-Learning Pay

Benefits of eLearning – Making e-Learning Pay There is no getting away from the fact that staff training and eLearning courses will cost money. However never underestimate the potential savings that can result from knowledgeable, effective and highly trained employees. Training benefits: –