Build e-Learning In-House

Learning Management Systems – A Quick Guide

Creating e-Learning in-house can address many issues; you know your audience better than most and have the expertise you want others to know about. Add to that the potential cost savings and reduced lead times and it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Successful in-house development uses the same processes as an external consultancy: design, build, deploy, host, evaluate and review. It will take time, resources and a structured approach if it’s to be done well.

On the face of it the DIY route will give you full control and the expectation of lower costs. If your business is planning to adopt this approach, here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Design

Whether your Learning Management System (LMS) provides an authoring tool or you have a separate software solution, you will need instructional designers to create the content. It takes real expertise to build even bite sized learning that is both informative and engaging, so be sure that you have the people and capacity to do this or that you are able to recruit.

  1. Build

The success of any project depends largely on having a robust process with milestones and responsibilities clearly defined and a realistic timescale in mind. Momentum can be quickly lost, so ensure you have the right people to keep the project and key players on-track. Consider how you will manage the following and who is responsible: identify the audience, set goals and objectives, write the storyboard and scripts, gather media assets, map the navigation, set the measuring criteria and create the final product.

And don’t forget to keep major stakeholders close to what’s going on, to avoid last-minute changes and delays!

  1. Deliver

The value of e-Learning is most noticeable when it is being used by the intended audience and impacts their performance through upskilling, demonstrating compliance or contributing to self-development, or a combination of these.  Having the right LMS in place and a process to review, refine and update content is key to its overall success and longevity. When people see and feel the benefits, they are most likely to come back for more!

Taking control of e-Learning development in-house can be very rewarding but external advice can prove essential and prevent many pitfalls.

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