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10 Ways to maximise returns from your Cortexa project

When the development of your Cortexa Assets is complete the project to maximise your returns is only beginning, we talk about “Build Once Use Many” but how does that work? Here are 10 ways to maximise your returns:

Getting the most out of BMF Campus

The most frequent question I get as I visit our customers goes something like this: “Campus is great and I am sure we will benefit from all the learning – especially the added Product Knowledge – but we’re not seeing a lot of activity at the moment!”.

Why a Virtual Rep is better than a real one!

I always like a good headline and I don’t really mean that we should replace our external salesforces with virtual reps, I have this vision of Max Headroom in a Builders Merchants branch on a screen behind the trade counter, and at the end of the day it would be very difficult to create an […]

Swedish Wood launches new iPad CPD

In another initiative to bring CPD to life for architects, Swedish Wood have launched their ground-breaking, film-based Timber: the Building Material of the Future on iPad (as the Future Timber app).