Accidental Managers

How to avoid accidental managers who were never trained for the role, didn’t naturally aspire to the position and due to the combination of both, lower your productivity.

Firstly, this phenomenon is not the fault of the newly created managers. Their promotion by the business is often well intentioned but rarely planned for. A common scenario is when an enthusiastic business sees an opportunity for speedy growth. In response they look to offer the opportunities internally, but without prior planning these new managers start with no training and no track record of effective people management. Company high flyers, who have performed extraordinarily well in their previous roles, suddenly have managerial responsibility thrust upon them; the business inadvertently loses their most effective workers and instead creates their most inexperienced managers.

Accidental Manager syndrome can be easily avoided through planning. Recognise the talent within your workforce and offer internal growth opportunities which will strength your business and raise your productivity. The solution is a two-pronged approach.

One – Plan for future opportunities by growing managers. Staff who show the basic aptitude and enthusiasm for management responsibilities should be nurtured. Provide guidance from existing managers and expose them to management tasks and responsibilities. However, this hands-on mentoring can be further enhanced with some formalised instruction. External training is readily available and online courses can be added to your Learning Management System or accessed on an ad hoc basis. Never under estimate the value of formalised training provided by those who can teach the fundamentals that experienced managers often take for granted.

Two – If you have already created a number of Accidental Managers, it’s not too late. Set up a fast track programme to get them up to speed and support their ongoing development. Previously recognised as the jewels within your business, you can help them to shine again!

By taking action now you can increase the productivity and effectiveness of newly created managers and you’ll create a seamless path to train your managers of the future. Your investment will not only increase the effectiveness of their teams; it leads to happier employers and shows that you care about your employees’ development and progression. In the long-run, training your managers will encourage better staff satisfaction, productivity and loyalty, which all contribute to increasing the bottom line.

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