About Us

We work to put your training on the map and to ensure your staff are knowledgeable, productive and valued.


The quiet tranquillity of rural Northamptonshire gives the ideal base to think, plan and ultimately develop great technical solutions. We’ve been based here on the Farm since 2006 and we like to think we are as much a part of the fabric as the sheep and the horses! We love to have people visit, and many of our customers make a point of having their project meetings here.

Why don’t you come visit?


Our experienced project managers and developers are dedicated to delivering bespoke business solutions to address a wide range of complex business needs. We start by working with you to understand your requirements and then find creative, forward thinking solutions. We’re not afraid to challenge traditional thinking when it’s in your best interests. We manage the flow of information across organisations and sometimes even whole supply chains, delivering training and marketing messages where they are needed. Every Cortexa asset, whether it’s an app, an e-learning module, document or video, is tracked and reported upon.

Over a period of 20 years we have built a versatile team, a foundation of technical knowledge and a reputation for producing clear and engaging messages. We work extensively with customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Mark Parrish

Managing Director

As MD I get involved (some might say interfere) in most activities: I look after a few customer accounts directly, I attend marketing events and from time to time will get involved in video shoots. More generally I work on the business, strategic partnerships and a little bit of innovation.


Food = Steak Fiorentina (preferably in Florence!)
Movie = Blues Brothers
Sports = Rugby, Road Cycling
Car = Jaguar
Hobbies = Singing

Lynne Moses

Operations Director

I’m responsible for the successful delivery of all creative projects, ranging from e-learning modules, videos and animations to on-location film shoots and post production. Working with our customers to create a good learning experience is what makes my day and building good working relationships is the best bit for me. Managing numerous projects at once, I have to love a spreadsheet or two, but when it comes to relaxing I’m never happier than in a flour-covered kitchen with my Kenwood Chef.

Tim Tompkins

Technical Director

I lead the team who work together to develop and support Cortexa’s web and mobile applications and look after the technical infrastructure. My responsibilities include liaising with clients and their technical partners to design, architect and deliver software solutions that meet their business requirements.

Basically, I’m a glorified programmer with a penchant for ensuring all the semi-colons are in the right places.


Food = Corned Beef & Baked Beans
Movie = Groundhog Day, closely followed by Groundhog Day
Sport = Snooker, Badminton, F1
Car = Audi R8 for looks, Toyota Aygo for reliability
Hobbies = Authoring/performing comedy sketches, Street Pastor, Reading

Jonny Griffiths

Account Manager

I look after client accounts; maintaining existing relationships and helping to generate new business. My teeth have been cut in instructional design, so I also attend start-up and project meetings, map out content, write storyboards, design e-Learning, liaise with stakeholders and generally manage projects to their conclusion. From time to time I’ll put my director’s beret on to oversee video production. A varied and fulfilling role!


Food = Steak although Italian cuisine is a close second
Movie = Raging Bull or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Sport = Football, Rugby Union, Boxing and Golf
Car = I’d take any red Ferrari
Hobbies = Cooking, films and music

Ben Simons

eLearning Developer

I work as one of the e-Learning Developers, which means I’m responsible for the storyboarding and creation of e-Learning courses that Cortexa supplies; in addition I am responsible for any animation or film editing that may be needed for courses and projects. I am also a grade A tea maker as well as a loud personality in the office, who always has something to add to a conversation.


Food = Spaghetti Carbonara
Movie = Saving Private Ryan
Sport = MotoGP, Football, American Football
Car = Lamborghini Reventón
Hobbies = Airsoft, Hiking/Camping, Skiing

Chris Gardner

Web Developer & Senior Support Technician

My main role is to maintain and develop new features for our Campus product, this includes both client side and server side programming with a dash of SQL databases thrown in.
I also handle high level support issues, which mainly focuses on campus functionality and course compatibility with our in house API.


Food = Banana Cake
Movie = Leon: The Professional
Sport = Football
Car = 1967 Chevrolet Impala
Hobbies = Camping, Movies

Andrew Mansfield

Technical Manager

With up to 60,000 learners accessing our systems during peak times our infrastructure is by necessity complex. My role entails taming the complexity so that Cortexa can deliver the highest service levels, resilience and security to our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Food = Alpen, Whitebait
Movie = Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish Version)
Sport = Skydiving (1800+ jumps) Flying (800+hrs)
Car = Honda CB1000R (It’s a bike)
Hobbies = Radio Amateur (Advanced licence)

Alex Virtue

IT Support Technician

As the office “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” man, my role consists of monitoring our helpdesk for both our internal staff and our 50+ clients; helping with things like resetting passwords, making custom reports and explaining how to use our ever-expanding system features. I also maintain our internal infrastructure/hardware and make sure all the right lights are twinkling away in all the right places. All of this is done without consuming a single drop of that brown liquid called “tea” that seems to fuel the rest of the office.


Food – Marmite
Movie – Primer
Music – “Don’t ask me why”, Great Caesar
Book – The Expanse Series, James S. A. Corey
Sport – Badminton
Hobbies – Guitar, Video Games, Cooking

Sarah Phillips

Financial Controller

My role covers everything from opening the post to management accounts. As a child I was always seen playing shops and counting out the money, my job now involves less pound coins and more numbers, but I still love making everything balance. I hate paying too much for something, and I’m not afraid of negotiating a better deal. I am great at saving money, and with three kids I’m super organised.


Food = Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
Movie = Fast & Furious and Minions
Sport = Rugby
Car = Ford Focus in bright orange
Hobbies = Gardening, Bullet Journaling, Cooking, Walking and spending time with my boys

Jeen Raj

Helpdesk Support Administrator

As a Helpdesk Support Administrator, my main duty is to monitor helpdesk, handle support requests and attend support calls in a timely and professional manner. Support is not limited to our main clients but also to our internal staff members like uploading course contents to websites and maintaining them.


Food = Thalassery Biriyani (Malabar Biriyani)
Movie = Shawshank Redemption, Green Book
Sports = Klask Board Game, Cycling
Car = Peugeot 3008
Hobbies = Photography, Singing

Stuart Bray

Marketing Manager

My role is to promote the business as a whole and the fantastic work and results achieved by all the staff. I’m happiest when being creative and when I’m trying to force Google to list us on its first page of its organic results. Basically, I shout as loud as possible and across as many channels as I can find. I’m always looking for new and interesting content so if you think there is something we should cover then call or email me.


Food = Chinese
Movie = Blade Runner
Sports = F1
Car = Jaguar
Hobbies = Running (some say jogging)

Gemma McNally

Accounts/Admin Assistant

I provide accounts and administrative support to our Financial Controller and the busy Sales Team. This mainly involves raising sales invoices, running reports, recording transactions, credit control and any other general administrative tasks.


Food = Chinese/Thai
Movie = Rocky 4 or Die Hard
Sports = Football, Netball, Athletics – basically any
Car = Any Audi
Hobbies = Netball, Reading and watching my boys play football

Ruth Jones

Senior Learning Designer

My role is designing engaging and interactive e-learning modules.
Food = Scallops/risotto
Movie = Singin’ In the Rain or Shawshank Redemption
Sports = Not my thing (love a good long walk in the woods/beach)
Car = As long as it works and is easy to drive!
Hobbies = Baking (and eating the outcome), singing, theatre, crafting, writing children’s stories

Sally Dickson-Haynes

Customer Success Manager

I’m here to guide you through a smooth implementation of your Learning Management System but it doesn’t end there! I’ll be here to ensure your LMS continues to be a success year after year.

Food - Anything potato based I have been known to order chips for dessert.
Movie - Star Wars including prequels, originals, sequels and spin offs.
Car - Ford RS.
Hobby – Dungeons and dragons.
Sport – I’m not in any way sporty but I do like to watch the Tour de France and snooker.



Created specifically for you, built to deliver fast results in a style which reflects your brand.



Ready to be branded or edited for your needs. Hosted for you for or add it to your existing LMS.



We script and produce engaging videos and animations that enhance the learner’s experience and reinforce learning.



We deliver fully featured, easy to use systems including our own Campus LMS or Totara Learn