A Beginners Guide to e-Learning

Well in essence, it allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available are about a diverse and far ranging as you can imagine. Many are on subjects that you would most likely expect, where as others are niche in their extreme. Courses offered can help you to perform more effectively at work, learn a new language, change your behaviours or modify your opinions.

So what does this e-Learning look like?


Courses can be a standalone experience lasting a matter of minutes, through to a fully integrated learning experience from which you could be awarded a recognised qualification. WhatA Beginners Guide to eLearning they have in common is that they can be viewed from a pc, phone or tablet and you can decide where, when and for how long you want to continue the experience. After login into a course module, your progress is saved and therefore you can stop and restart when it’s most convenient.

In terms of what a course might consist of, it could be any type or combination of the following media types:-

  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Learning games
  • Interactive stories or scenarios
  • Simulations
  • Test or Tasks
  • Case studies

So does e-Learning come in different varieties?

Yes, it does but the choices really come down to three main flavours.

Ready to go (Off-the-shelf)

Courses where the content and design remain unchanged by the user. Its message, delivery, tracking and branding remains in the hands of the producers. So, what you see, is what you get.

Branded learning

In most ways these courses operate like the Ready to go versions with the difference being that the supplier offers the facility for them to be Rebranded. These are therefore generally commissioned by companies that want the learning experience to reflect their own style and look. So, the core body of the content stays unchanged but logos, strap-lines and colour scheme can be switched. In some cases, this option also offers a company level dashboard to review how their users are progressing with the courses supplied. Therefore, allowing continued assessment and review.

Bespoke learning

This where a company like Cortexa design a solution specifically for you and your learners. Through our years of experience and a systematic approach, our product team specialists build an experience that is unique to your specific requirements. They take the time to immerse themselves in your business and to shape content with a tone, branding and values which fit seamlessly. Helping you not only to deliver and monitor compelling courses but to ensure that your original outcomes are achieved or exceeded.

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