Video in eLearning

Everyone knows that video on the web is a compelling way to communicate and we all know the popularity of YouTube. However classic non interactive videos become less engaging the longer they last. Viewers focus will naturally wander and their knowledge retention will diminish. Therefore, standard format videos are not ideally suited to eLearning. In this environment videos are best included in short bursts and help to inject pace and add variety.

  1. Videos in eLearning:
    • Can be longer length and more complex if interspersed with knowledge checks.
    • Once embedded in a larger module can provide impact and pace.
    • Video based decisions can allow learners to progress through multiple paths which best suite their current ability and understanding.
    • The output of this approach is SCORM compatible enabling you to track the learner’s progress.

    What the stats show:

    • Studies confirm that an Interactive video has 10 times the impactof a traditional video.
    • Interactive video with learning interactions result in higher engagement in
    • Video with in built or associated quiz elements provide quantifiable evidence of learner success and allow the provider to build more complex learning paths.
    • eLearning with video inclusion has been shown to drive engagement for all.


    Interactive video use:

    • Interactive videos are a great fit for compliance, soft-skills and professional skills trainings. They are equally high impact approach for specific trainings like sales training, product training and supporting or driving change management programs.
    • Interactive videos offer short nuggets of learning which can be used as standalone training or part of a larger learning journey.

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