eLearning – A guide to the benefits of eLearning

eLearning, online learning, online training, elearning, e-learning and e learning – it doesn’t matter how you spell it, you just need to know it makes sense.

The Simple Stuff

eLearning allows modern technology to deliver learning to a device of your choice at a time that works best for you. The courses and topics available are about a diverse and far ranging as you can imagine. They can be broad or niche, help you to perform more effectively at work, learn a new language, change your behaviours or modify your opinions.

They are courses lasting a matter of minutes, through to a fully integrated learning experience from which you could be awarded a recognised qualification. What they have in common is that they can be viewed from a pc, phone or tablet and you can decide where, when and for how long you want to continue the experience.

Why should I be using Elearning?

1. Saves Time & Money
No travel time or expenses, no trainer fees and no time off site. No need for classroom-based training or to tie up other staff to provide training.

2. Fast & Efficient
It is training available all the time across all devices. Messages can be quickly communicated and those receiving it can be tracked and tested when required. Authoring of new content is quick, and your audience can receive it instantly across the globe and in multiple languages.

3. Scalable & Consistent
Your message can be provided as easily to six thousand as to six. You can select and segment the required audience to reach only those in need. The content is always consistently delivered and can be viewed at a time when the viewer knows they have the time and capacity to absorb it.

4. Track & Measure your ROI
The very nature of any LMS provides the ability to tracking learner progress and report on the results of uptake, assessment scores etc. You’ll always know what your staff know and can be assured that policy procedure and securities are understood and adhered too.

5. Higher Retention
Studies have shown that you can expect better retention rates when elearning is incorporated with traditional methods. Also that the blending of styles and deliver methods increases the uptake of learning.

6. Carbon Reduction
Delivering training online and testing your staff remotely decreases the carbon footprint associated with staff movements to classroom venues.

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