Benefits of eLearning – Making e-Learning Pay

There is no getting away from the fact that staff training and eLearning courses will cost money. However never underestimate the potential savings that can result from knowledgeable, effective and highly trained employees.

Training benefits: –

  1. Productivity

Tasks can be performed far quicker if employees know what they are doing. They will make less errors and can perform tasks faster if required. Under normal workloads they will also have the spare capacity to review and improve processes. Increased knowledge creates confidence, decreases stress and lowers absenteeism.

  1. SafetyBenefits of eLearning - Making e-Learning Pay

Workers with the correct training are less likely to sustain on-the-job injuries or injure someone else. Your insurer may even reward you for performing certain types of training by reducing your premium. At Cortexa we have direct experience of a client decreasing their Fleet insurance costs considerably by putting their drivers through a 5-module online eLearning course.

  1. Morale

Well trained individuals feel valued by their employer. Their increased morale creates a sense of wellbeing and self-worth.  Satisfied employees are less likely to change their employment and are more likely to recommend their employer to others. Also, empowered staff strive for the next internal opportunity and therefore create a natural process of succession planning. All of which reduces recruitment costs and avoids the continuous retraining costs of inducting new staff.

  1. Independence

Staff that are confident require less supervision and will not need to be continually monitored to maintain output levels and quality. They in turn will feel trusted and will respond more positively to business change.

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