Stuart Turner manufacture and supply an extensive range of shower pumps, whole house water pressure boosting pumps and pump solutions for low water pressure problems and waste water removal. Our job was to design and create a Stuart Turner online Academy to deliver content to both Stuart Turner staff, Installers and specialist distributors. We designed a web-based learning and knowledge portal that will provide access to existing and future developed e-Learning courses, videos, resources. Installers, specifiers and distributors can instantly access the information they need, anywhere in the world and at any time of day.

To go with the new academy Cortexa created e-learning modules that utilise a mix of animations and testing processes that help educate and examine a users ability in a target area. Users also gain instantaneous feedback through multiplehomepage choice and matching questions that can help them to focus future training. The latest modules aim to explain the implications of low mains water pressure and the products available from Stuart Turner to solve the issue of low or intermittent water pressure from a mains supply.

Education is ever evolving as we continue to push the boundaries of effective learning. What started as chalk boards in classrooms has become tablets on a train or mobile phones on a plane and Cortexa is leading from the front of this evolution.