10 Ways to maximise returns from your Cortexa project

When the development of your Cortexa Assets is complete the project to maximise your returns is only beginning, we talk about “Build Once Use Many” but how does that work? Here are 10 ways to maximise your returns:

  1. Internal Staff Communication It is important that all your own staff (particularly customer facing) are made aware of your e-learning module. Have a link ready to email to customers who show an interest. If needs be get CDs or USB versions of your module for your sales force to use where there is no internet access. Create a promotion in your email footer to raise awareness.
  2. Target the academies you want to reach You may want to consider phasing the roll out of your module to Academies so you can support the “new arrival” and get the message out to the branches about expecting delivery!
  3. Talk to your Merchant customers Advise your merchant customers during meetings and correspondence that you have invested in e-learning to help educate their staff to help them sell more of your products. Discuss with your merchant what is the best way to promote to their staff. Sometimes the best way to drive this is at a regional level.
  4. Cortexa can help you Market your e-learning Talk to us about ways in which we can help with a marketing campaign to promote your e-learning module to end users and direct traffic to your website.
  5. Your Website You will be provided with a web version of your e-learning module; make this available to visitors to your website. You might want to add the fact you have invested in e-learning in a ‘News’ feature on your website.
  6. Use the AutoRun Version Load the ‘auto-run’ version of your e-learning module onto your commercial team laptop(s). Ensure they are proficient using it, aware of its contents and know how to navigate it to enable them to demonstrate it to merchants. Your sales team can be pivotal in promoting the module as they will have more face to face contact with your merchant staff and will encourage them to use it during meetings with customers.
  7. Tell everyone!Use the fact you have commissioned your own bespoke e-learning module at every opportunity and make it a reason to talk to your customers. A pictorial link on all company email signatures to the web version would be a good way to get contacts to have a look.
  8. Sales Team Incentive –Consider offering an incentive to create some competition between your salespeople to see whose area has the best e-learning completions or cumulative score for a set period of time. This serves to ensure it is always promoted by your customer facing staff.
  9. Merchant Incentive –Whereby you pay a ‘bonus’ to the staff member for completing your elearning to a satisfactory standard. This can be done nationally or regionally and aimed at specific merchant(s). Alternatively you could allocate a fund per sales person and he/she can use it to promote where needed.
  10. Point of Sale and general launch activity Consider traditional marketing methods to promote your e-learning; flyers,  mugs, mousemats and give-away CDs all help to get  your message out.
  11. Statistics Use your usage stats to maintain energy in your campaign and ask us for detailed breakdowns of usage at key campaign points.