Getting the most out of BMF Campus

The most frequent question I get as I visit our customers goes something like this: “Campus is great and I am sure we will benefit from all the learning – especially the added Product Knowledge – but we’re not seeing a lot of activity at the moment!”. I call this the Kevin Costner Moment (remember Field of Dreams? “Build it and they will come”?) well just because you have a bunch of students doesn’t mean they will all log in enthusiastically straight away, they have to see the benefit to them, and most will eventually see the benefit through increased confidence in dealing with customers and colleagues. Time and again we see organisations with a small number of very active users. It will take a little time and effort to get everybody to that stage so here are a few tips for getting going with Campus and how to build a head of steam that will positively impact on your service levels and your margins.

  1. Set up your Branch and Department structures so local managers can see what their teams are doing, the best way to build momentum and get best value from Campus is to engender ownership by local team managers.
  2. Arrange demos and briefings and if possible get branch managers to access their first course at the same time, promote an atmosphere of competition! If you get your managers together on a monthly or quarterly basis, use that opportunity to do a demo and agree some targets.
  3. Set goals for managers and their teams, use the report suite to measure and publicise the results. Publish “League Tables” on a weekly basis until Campus use becomes ‘Business as Usual’.
  4. Make sure managers complete a minimum number of courses themselves, once they have completed a module they will get the value. Also think about allocating courses in small sets to specific groups of staff.
  5. Think about linking modules to Campaigns and choose courses to align with specific promotions or selling seasons. Speak to your best suppliers and coordinate activity with them, coordinate point of sale activity and promotions with online training.
  6. Link course completions to Managers’ performance plans.
  7. Celebrate success, consider using incentives, it doesn’t have to be cash, use novelty items or team rewards, get your suppliers involved too.
  8. Get all staff on to the system, if needs be get Cortexa to do a batch upload, Campus is very easy to use, and of course can be accessed from home too. You will be surprised both by who gets enthusiastic about Campus and how quickly improved product knowledge starts to impact on your business. Even experienced staff will have a sneaky look to brush up their knowledge when no one else is looking!
  9. Get into the habit of checking on Campus stats on a daily basis, set the example for people to use Campus to enhance their industry knowledge.
  10. Use compliance training to encourage even the most reluctant team leaders to engage with Campus, if you are going to purchase more than 10 Building Blocks Courses, contact Cortexa for their volume discount matrix.