Get ‘Ready To Go’ with brand new personal development courses

Welcome to the latest series of modules presented by Cortexa, ‘Ready to go Fundamentals’. These effective e-learning modules are bite sized but high impact training programmes designed to help develop personal skills by discovering all new ways to manage, communicate and interact so that you can feel confident in any working environment. Read below to discover all the areas covered in the latest range of modules and view our brochure HERE! for a full list of modules available.

By using a blended learning approach users can learn placeit (1)at their own pace and enjoy improved retention rates
through interactive programmes that makes learning enjoyable. Being digitally hosted also allows for 24/7 access from multiple platforms so users can learn at a time suitable for them. The new modules cover a wide array of different subjects such as managing effective meetings to communicating better with your piers. Whether you have trouble getting your ideas across to fellow team members or want to run your team more efficiently these modules can help boost your confidence around the office and teach you to skillfully navigate yourself through any situation.

Why develop new skills?
In today’s environment competition has never been tougher and budgets have never been tighter. In order to meet the rising standards required whilst keeping costs low businesses have looked to improving efficiency and effectiveness. One low cost method to achieve this is through training and development, allowing your employees’ the opportunity to enhance and develop their skills. Through this employees’ could complete tasks faster, make suggestions on improvements in their area and help to bring a higher level of efficiency to the company. To learn more about how low cost training could help develop your business call us now on +44 (0) 330 024 2881.