Top 10 HR Issues – eLearning Solutions

In a number of recent surveys of senior HR staff, the issues they face are common to them all. So let’s take a look at the top ten:-

  1. Staff Retention
  2. Staff Recruitment
  3. Productivity
  4. Training and Compliance
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Discrimination and Diversity
  7. Discipline
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Payroll
  10. Query handling

Amazingly the first six on this list are issues that can positively influenced by deploying a well-stocked Learning Management System.

Staff Retention – If people can see that their education and career aspirations are of importance to the company then their own commitment to that business increases. Both parties can see a reciprocal benefit and staff can see a progression to securing more responsibility and financial rewards.

Induction-and-OnboardingStaff Recruitment – This issue is directly connected to the one above because most business recruitment is to fill gaps created by people leaving the business. Higher retention levels will automatically reduce much of the need to recruit. However, when the inevitable need to recruit arrives modern candidates are perceptive enough to see beyond the lure of the salary and unsubstantiated promises. Your LMS system then becomes the perfect demonstration that they are engaged with a company that is devoted to nurturing talent and promoting from within. It could just be the deal clincher.

Productivity – Leaving aside process automation, the recognised ways of increasing productivity are twofold. The first is to maximise the performance of your existing staff, providing them with the skills and confidence to tackle their workload effectively, at speed but without errors. Focused training specific to need will accomplish this and when staff experience the benefits of its immediate application then they’ll be quick to recommend it to other staff. It doesn’t matter how the training is provided but a well publicised LMS will prove most cost effective longer-term. The second method to increased productivity comes from staff empowerment. It is nearly always true that the staff actually doing the task are best placed to recommend how the process can be improved. They experience the bottlenecks, see the duplication of effort and are aware of processes that take time but add no value. It is therefore essential that staff have a forum to express their thoughts and ideally are rewarded for their input. An open inclusive management ethos will allow for this knowledge sharing, however consider using the exchange forums provided through some LMS platforms which are available 24/7. Using this facility, staff can note their thoughts and ideas as they occur rather than waiting until their next formal review.

Training, Compliance and Health & Safety – Well-crafted job or industry-specific training is essential if your goal is to improve staff development and retention. Use your LMS to deliver content which has been created to fit your individual needs as a business, alongside courses which develop the skills needed for career advancement. Think team management, presentation skills, selling skills, running meetings etc. Of course, Health & Safety and Compliance will rarely be considered exciting, but they will keep your staff safe, your business out of the courts and your bank balance free of hefty fines!

Onboarding-and-InductionDiscrimination and Diversity – Adhering to legislation ensures that your business promotes equality of opportunity for all, providing everyone the chance to achieve their full potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. Traditional training methods can offer a solution for this but classroom events are resource hungry and unlike elearning modules they are not available on demand. Online training also tracks learners automatically through a dashboard, so your mandatory courses can be monitored and email prompts for recurring training can be set.

There is functionality in an LMS which could prove a positive influence on the remainder of our issues list but I feel there is no need to stretch a point. Hopefully I’ve made a positive case for how online learning can help address the majority of HR challenges – providing consistent high quality training at the point of need with a lower cost base and being instantly scalable with deployment to any connected device around the globe.

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